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I just love crafting, the messier the better. Have been crafting all my days but in the last 16 years have been doing more and more. My obsession began with making cards and from there I have tried many different forms of crafting. Great fan of Tim_Holtz love all his products would love to own them all one day. Graphic 45 is another must have for me and again would love to have it all. And then there is Prima well what can a girl say, just simply stunningly beautiful. Really enjoying the vintage, shabby chic and steampunk styles which are very much in vogue at the minute. Love Lace and Pearl trim, you might be seeing a fair bit of it all on here. xx Please keep calling past and enjoy my crafting journey with me. Great Big Huge Hugs Becca xxx


Thursday 28 March 2013

My Little Men's Birthday Cards 2013

Well it is coming to that time of year again and our wee boys will be turning 6 & 9.  I can't believe they are that age already, where has the time gone?  I can still remember being told by everyone that they aren't little long and to make the most of it.  I didn't agree with that when I was up through the night doing the night feeds and changing dirty nappies!!! But I have to agree now that they are sleeping all night and more or less manage quite well to look after themselves.

Well I have been busy today getting their Birthday Cards made and am quite impressed with the fact that I managed successfully without falling out with my Cricut and got everything cut in one go and right first time.  You never know, I think I might just have cracked how to use it properly lol.

Here are their cards.  I think I am safe enough posting them on here early as they are wee enough yet and won't find them on here anyway.  Mind you with saying that the things our eldest can manage to find on Ebay is quite something else so I better not lay any money on my previous statement.

Hope you like them

Thank you again for stopping past

Great Big Huge Hugs

Becca xxx

1 comment:

Kelly D said...

Aww they are cool cards for little boys. I love using red and black together you get such a stunning effect with them two colours. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly xx